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Alumni Updates « TJHS Class of 1990

TJHS 90/20
TJHS Class of 1990

Alumni Updates

Featured Classmate

Jeanine Westlake-Prusinowski

Interview by Dan Foytik

I’ve only spoken to Jeanine on the phone twice in the last 20 years, and I haven’t seen her since graduation, but talking to her by phone today feels like I’m talking to a friend that I saw just last week. We weren’t close in high school, but she is instantly warm and happy to talk as soon as I identify myself.

After suffering major losses in the Tennessee flood in May of this year, Jeanine, her husband Jude, and their children were able to move back into their home during the second week of August – much later than originally anticipated. Jeanine and her husband are grateful for the assistance that came from the Class of 1990, who raised $516 in donations to assist her family in their time of need. While the family is back in their home, there are still things that need to be completed – things that Jeanine refers to as the “little details,” like a functioning downstairs bathroom, landscaping, and obtaining furniture. Sadly, in a major loss like this, insurance only pays so much, and after living out of a hotel for several months, the family is still struggling to get back to normal. Jeanine is just happy that they were back in their home in time for her children to start school. She shares how excited she was just to be able to cook them breakfast and pack their lunches now that she has a functioning kitchen again.

Consistently upbeat during our conversation, she shares that as terrible as the situation was, going through it with her family has brought them closer together. She says it really changed her outlook on what’s important, and what’s not, and she feels blessed to have so many people in her life that stepped up to help them without a second thought.

When the conversation turns to her kids, her excitement to talk about them is clearly evident. Having worked a heavy schedule as an RN for the last several years, the flood forced her to greatly reduce her hours and spend more time with her family. She’s enjoyed reconnecting with her kids at a deeper level – so much so that she recently resigned her position to stay at home with them full time.  She feels that she’s been called to do this and has no regrets over the decision.

Jeanine and Jude’s oldest boy, Kevin, is 11 and loves Legos and riding his bike. Jeanine says that many nights she sees light coming from his room and finds him playing with Legos in bed (well past his bedtime). Like most boys his age, he wavers between playing the games children enjoy and being a bit more mature. Kevin even has a little girl across the street who is his best friend, but he remains innocently oblivious to the fact that she’s madly in love with him.

Kyle is their 9 year old, and is a bit of a performer. His ability to scamper up a tree like a squirrel and the fact that he is extremely athletic and flexible has Jeanine convinced that he’ll be joining the circus someday. Kyle has a great sense of humor and a confidence beyond his years making him a natural leader among his peers. His parents are especially proud of his innate ability to influence his friends to do the right thing – especially at so young an age.

Their 7 year old son, Keegan, is obsessed with Superman. He loves Smallville, but hasn’t seen the current season; due to remaining water damage, the family hasn’t been able to hook up their cable yet. He also plays with Imaginix action figures and has started to read quite well. The other day, he commented to his mother that a sign reading “Please pay here,” would have said “Please play here” if one were to add in an L.

Not to break an unintentional pattern, their only daughter, who is 5, was also given a K name. Kyra has started preschool and loves Taylor Swift, dancing, flowers, butterflies and baking with her mom. She helps set the table and likes to have long in-depth conversations with her mom during the day. Using a reference that all of our generation will understand, she describes Kyra’s preferred dressing style as “Punky Brewster.” She loves the bright colors and wearing things with stars and polka dots.

With Christmas just around the corner and the family still working on getting back on their feet, anyone interested in making a donation can click here. To send a gift for one of the kids, please email info@tjhs90.com.


Melissa Michaels-Ebling

Melissa and her husband Ahren have had a lot of changes lately. Their new baby, Elayna Leigh Ebling, was born on August 28, 2010 at 6:59 AM in Lewes, DE. She weighed 7 lbs. 11 oz and was 19.75 inches long. She is now almost 10 weeks old and already has her first tooth. She loves watching baseball and hockey, but her parents still have to teach her to like football. Melissa is home with her on maternity leave, but will be resigning from her job in January because her family is in the process of moving back to PA.  Currently residing in Exeter, outside of Reading, The Eblings are hunting for a permanent home closer to Honey Brook, PA.

Amy (Alvord) Heathcott

Amy and her husband Chad recently moved back to Pittsburgh along with their children Colin (3) and Maddie (2) and their collection of assorted 4 legged companions. Amy now teaches theatre at Lincoln Park Performing Arts Charter School in Midland, Beaver County. Her students recently preformed A Midsummer’s Night Dream to rave reviews. Welcome back to Pittsburgh, Amy!

What’s new with you? Do you have an announcement to share? A recent wedding, new job, birth, etc.? If something new has occurred for you in the last 6 months, we want to know.  Send details of your event to daniel@foytik.net and we’ll get the word out.

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